Housing regulations

§1 Introduction

Sørenga 1 Sameie is a housing cooperative within which all residents have a joint responsibility for creating a positive living environment.

The housing regulations are intended to secure the wellbeing and a sense of individual freedom for each resident, while at the same time seeking to safeguard the interests of the whole community. The regulations are not intended to impose unnecessary restrictions, but rather to ensure calm, wellbeing and safety for all, as well as to establish a flourishing neighborhood community.

All residents are obliged to follow the housing regulations, and have the duty to ensure that all members of their household, as well as their visitors, also comply with these rules.

The Board requests that any complaints regarding neighbors be submitted in writing, with a copy sent to the party in question. The party in question is requested to reply in writing to the Board, with a copy sent to the resident who submitted the complaint.

2 Use of the apartment

The apartment must not be used in such a way that it creates disturbances or annoyance to the neighbors.

Quiet hours are in effect between 23:00 and 07:00.

Hammering, drinking, song- and music practice and other noisy activities are not allowed after 21:00. Noisy activities are not permitted at all on Sundays and official holidays.

If one plans to have a party which can create noise, then the neighbors must be warned beforehand.

3 Use of balcony/garden/terrace

It is permitted to air and dry clothes on balconies as long as it is not hung higher than the balcony railing. It is not allowed to shake or air textiles over or outside the railing.

It is permitted to use electric- and gas grills, but charcoal grills are not allowed.

4 Communal room and entrances/ stairways

Sports equipment, clothes, shoes and other objects must not be left in the hallways.

Children’s prams in daily use can be placed in communal stairways/entrances.

5 Communal areas

The communal areas areas must be kept tidy and without any litter or garbage. The areas must not be used in ways that clearly create annoyance to others, or that can potentially damage the surroundings.

6 Garbage

It is important to keep the areas around the garbage chutes tidy and without litter or garbage.

7 Pets

It is permitted to keep pets.

Having pets requires you to follow these regulations:

  1. The animal owner is required to learn of and to know the contents of the laws regarding animal care, and it’s penal provisions.
  2. The owner is required to immediately remove animal excrements which are left on the communal areas.
  3. Dogs and cats must be walked outside the communal areas. When on the communal areas, the animals must be leashed, and be kept away from play areas and sandpits.
  4. Should the pet cause damage to persons or property, then the owner is responsible and liable for these damages.
  5. If the Board receives written, valid complaints, the Board can demand that the animal be removed, unless an acceptable solution between the parties can be found. A valid complaint can for example be that the pet-keeping significantly causes annoyance for neighbors because of smell, noise or otherwise causes a significant problem, for example causing allergy, fear or anxiety. In case of doubt, the Board will after negotiations with the parties conclude wether or not the complaint is valid.


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